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Small Woodwind: Clarinet, Flute and Piccolo-holds multiple instruments in their cases, made to order.

Trumpet: Holds multiple instruments, made to order. Will hold up to (24) trumpets.

Percussion: Holds multiple instruments, made to order.

Mellophone: Holds multiple instruments, made to order.

Saxophones: Holds multiple instruments, made to order.

Euph/Bari: Holds multiple instruments, made to order.


Check out these features:


Unitec will work directly with Director of Bands and associates to design Multicases that will help you move the band 75% faster. YES! We will come and visit your facility.


Double Duty Multi Case Designs – Enable convenient storage and transport ALL IN ONE CASE!!


Roll them into your band room for Easy Access and Storage All Year Long.

When It Is Time To Move – Your instruments are consolidated, organized and ready to go 


Just Put The Lid On and Roll Them Onto the Truck or Bus.


Multi Case features – Heavy duty casters and individual bins for every musician 

Band Directors love Unitec Multi Case products -The ultimate in protection and convenience


Reduce moving time and stress by 75% – Band is organized and transport becomes fast and easy! 

instrument multicases

Attention Music Dealers, Institutional and Military Buyers:


Please contact our sales department for further information.


Special program offer now available for OMEA Members and all Ohio Schools.

* Specify make and model of instrument.

Custom options  and embroidery available. Contact a Sales Rep for more information.

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